Age with Grace

“Growing old is mandatory… ageing with grace is an option.”

Ageing is the process of getting older. Ageing with grace is one’s ability to accept growing older and all the changes that come with it.

It means gracefully letting things go that are not meant for you.

Ageing brings many changes to our appearance and abilities (physically, mentally); it also brings changes to the world and our lives. Ageing with grace means we are able to accept, adapt and accommodate these changes.

Our attitude will influence our ability to age with grace.

I have created this site to invite like minded people going through the same journey to share their stories and comments in a secure platform.

Ageing creates changes not just personal but also cultural, social, political, and economic contexts of everyone’s lives. Sharing our personal stories would give us a unique way to get to the roots of ageism and how it affects us in visible and invisible ways.

Understand that perception is reality, and your attitude is in fact everything. The reality is that yes, you are getting older, experiencing various emotional landmines, sometimes you’re scared, and sometimes it just isn’t easy. Aging isn’t without its difficulties, but you have to firmly believe that any challenges that you may face during this time in your life does not define who you are.

Do not get bogged down in negativity and pessimism. Acknowledge your limitations and start moving forward with an eye on the future as you chart your journey to living the happy and exciting life you want to live while fully accepting and acknowledging new restrictions e.g. medical conditions. Instead of letting your medical conditions own you, you own them. Accept their existence, get the care you need, and start thinking about far more interesting things like what your passions are, what excites you, what you would like to experience. You deserve happiness, excitement, and far more. Your life is about to be a lot more awesome—believe it, live it, breathe it.

News, television, film and advertising commonly feature stereotypes that show older adults through a lens of decline and diminished value, emphasizing the “burdens” of growing old. It becomes increasingly difficult to form healthy opinions about the aging process when our media systematically promotes youth as the ideal human condition.  

With so many equating aging with a sense of waning or decline, the process of growing older has become unjustly maligned and creates harmful and unnecessary fear as we try to escape the looming prospect of age. Ageing is not a bad thing. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Ageing is something to be celebrated.

Numerous online articles regarding how to age gracefully focus on makeup, skin care, and various beauty tips. But it’s not all about our physical appearance; ageing gracefully has very little to do with skin care and facelifts. Ageing gracefully and with dignity is a belief in the goodness of what you are experiencing. It is tender, gentle affirmations that honor your being, the amazing journey of your life thus far, the countless experiences, moments of enlightenment, and beautiful memories that are the essential fabric of your being.

Pay homage to yourself. Honor your age, your journey, and your being. Pay reverence to the life you have lived and, most importantly, believe in the beauty that lies ahead for you. The art of graceful dignified ageing truly begins with affirmation. Honoring yourself, eschewing the foolish notions of aging put forth by society, and having conviction in the beauty of your journey will be the point at which you truly learn how to age with dignity, grace, and the kind of beauty that matters. 

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