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Age with Grace

The art of graceful, dignified aging begins with affirmation. In a society that is collectively consumed by body image and an attitude of avoidance, aging is a prospect that haunts and strikes fear into the hearts of many.

Talk, talk…

Spinach in Ginger and Coconut Milk

This is a feel-god food for my fellow Filipinos as it is a staple dish on any Pinoy menu. The original dish called "Laing" is usually done with taro leaves. As I do not have access to such, I usually use spinach as ersatz. I always get flak from daughters as they...

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Fegefeuer der Eitelkeiten

Photo by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash(Scroll down for English version) Eigentlich hätte ich darauf gefasst sein müssen, als ich mich auf das Abenteuer einließ, mit meiner Familie nach Mailand umzuziehen. Mailand, die Stadt der Mode, des Designs, das ist...

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 Grace your table with these


I am a foodie and food plays a big part in my life. I have also realized that I have had to start watching what I eat for a couple of years now. Not only that, I also have had to adjust the volume of what I cook. We basically downsized after the kids moved out and I have had to learn cook for two. Talk about major adjustments 🙂

Giant Garlic Prawns

Duck breast with fried potatoes


Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

We like to make sure all our cars, work-equipment, house-appliances are well maintained so why not invest on the only real “equipment” that matters


12-day challenge: A Guide to easy Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

I’m about to embark on our annual beach holiday in France. This is the time when I have all the time in the world to cook with all the fresh ingredients I can find without sacrificing time on the beach…