About me

I’m a 55 year old Philippine-born, Australian citizen with permanent residency in Munich, Germany. I’ve had to put up with a lot of throughout my life which has put me in some disadvantages: being female, migrant,  female-in-a-male dominated industry, working mother of three to name a few. Took all of this in my stride and came out smiling. Now I am faced with the handicap of aging. I personally don’t have a problem with it but I am now more aware of what the older population have to go through. I am lucky to have access not just to excellent healthcare in the form of my doctor husband but also to having a very positive network of friends and family to flush me through whatever crisis gets thrown my way.

I won’t consider myself a writer, but I sure have lots to write about…and I know a lot of people who can write. So I’m here to share some wisdom that gets us through the aging process and hope we can be of assistance to those of you just hitting the first signs of aging.

Good Taste

Yes, I am one of those people who would first take a picture of my food before I say grace. Not a crime in my books. I LOVE FOOD. FOOD IS LIFE. THAT’S ALL. 

Good Health

Certainly my husband’s worst patient but I do profit from his tips & treatments. Germany has a fantastic healthcare system, but it doesn’t afford me the support I need to stay healthy. It only kicks in when one is sick. If you want to stay healthy, you’re on your own.


Recycling is everything. Make sure to dispose of your refuse wisely. What about the older employees whom most industry nowadays are less inclined to hire, let alone keep? Is there a way of re-cycling them? Or keeping them until their use-by date??

Me in numbers

It’s not about the quantity, it’s the quality…





Why Us?


Everday Something New

We aim to keep this site full of interesting new things, so follow us and keep up with the latest or fairest of aging stories.

Exceptional People

We’re quite a tribe. Diverse. Inclusive. We value people. One thing all of us have in common is that no matter what our origins, tendencies and beliefs are, we’re all going to age. 


Easy ideas

We’re not talking about rocket science here. We just want to provide tips on how to best approach the topic age. Our ideas may not even agree with yours but hey, we’re open to hear yours too.


Highly Responsive Team

We’re all trying to hold down a day job but those on board are happy to answer your questions within their capabilities. Just ask.


Talk to us

This platform should provide a dialogue between those willing to talk / discuss. We hope you can find access to support on whatever problems you may be occupied with. We are trying to provide more as this community grows.


Accessible help

We’re from all around the world and can point you to the right direction wherever you may be.