I generally don’t use filters on my photos and I can honestly say that the water is this exact same colour live.  

How beautiful is this place??? Club Paradise in Coron lived up to its name. I’m out of superlatives here. This is a throw back shot from a couple of years back on my first trip to Palawan. We only had 4 days on the island but it was so peaceful that we could really tank-up on energy. I didn’t know what to expect as I had not originally booked for this island. It was an 8 day trip to the Philippines and we wanted to get a bit of beach feeling before attending a family wedding. Then some booking mishap led us to having to re-book and we ended up here. We were indeed lucky.

 There wasn’t much to do here. WiFi was close to non-existent and as the initial panic of being offline dissipated, I was finally able to let go and enjoy digital detox. The island was tiny enough to explore in no time and so I was left with no choice but to hang about the beach and read my book. The full-board offer meant we didn’t have to worry about where our next meal would come from 😉

It’s these regular downtimes between long periods of hard work that kept me sane in the least years. At one stage, I was able to take a short break ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks every 6 weeks. It just meant that in the time when I can feel the effects of my downtime wearing-off, I have the advantage of staying motivated at work by looking forward to my next break. I was never one for long 6-week-breaks. Having 30 days holidays a year on average (not counting overtime and public holidays), I was able to budget my holidays wisely. Downtime doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic….it could also be somewhere close. One just be aware that one takes the time to recover and regroup.

Quite often, I didn’t actually fully go offline. I simply changed my working environment. Working remotely from a small island like Boracay in November when everyone else freezing their assets away in Europe already helped reduce stress. I had my normal work pensum but my surroundings ensured that my stress levels were down to zero. Nobody ever got excited when I told them of the work I did but everyone tuned in when I told them from where I worked. In the end, you can’t impress people by telling them how much work you have or how “stressed” you are. Nobody cares! So look after yourself…for yourself!