My favourite time of day…sunset! Probably symptomatic of why I am not grossly fussed with slowly hitting my sunset years. There is something very calming about sunset. The day is just winding down, with a bit of luck, all that needed doing are done and if not, well…too bad! It’s time to just enjoy and see what happens next. 

I’m in that phase of my life where I am like, “I have done most of what I feel I needed to do…everything else is well deserved extras”…like this refreshing margarita at the end of hectic day! I would be very happy if I get to experience seeing my kids get married, spend time with grandkids, grow old with hubby. But if I don’t get to do all that, my life would still have been worth the while. I brought three gorgeous kids to this world who would no doubt leave their marks (if not their massive carbon footprint!!) and continue what legacy I may have left them. 

Now it’s time to sit back, hang out, enjoy what I can. I’d hate to spend the rest of my time hurrying about from place to place and trying to make a living and missing out on a life. I never was the type. I have had my share of workload…constantly on overdrive in my younger years. I can’t say I miss those times. They were hard. Juggling 3 kids, 2 jobs and a husband in a country where I didn’t quite master the language. But as with anything I encountered in life, I ploughed through coz I knew it would be worth it. I would not call myself a workaholic as although I worked a lot, it was also too finance the times I played hard. I was able to provide my family fun short breaks to balance out the times when I was out and about trying to bring home a small part of the bacon. My husband luckily took charge of the more solid and serious stuff.

I may not have done this everyday but on most days, I looked back on the whole day, reflected and tried to appreciate the positives. On the more challenging days, I tried to be grateful that the day was about to end and washed whatever frustration down with a glass of bubbly. Thankfully, I still have a functioning liver so my bad days couldn’t have been plenty.